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Consultancy services

Commercial and communications consultancy service

Our activity allows us to establish valuable relationships by linking latent, unexpressed demand with a strong, original offer, and by providing all the latest tools to allow businesses to present themselves on the market by playing to their strengths.

Preliminary analysis

Preliminary analysis

Each new project aimed at introducing a business and its products into the sales network of Profumi di Siena’s hub begins with a detailed analysis of the business carried out by our specialist departments. This starts with a look at the market situation, an analysis of the competition and the collection of statistical sales data, through to the processing and analysis of the data with the strategic aim of planning the actions and tools needed for a new placement.



Our marketing department evaluates the new products and draws up a development, placement and market strategy based on the product’s particular features and characteristics. The information received from the marketing department is then used to inform the guidelines for the work to be done by the communications agency. Shaken, Profumi di Siena’s partner agency, is responsible for the graphics customization and development of the materials and the offline and digital communication tools.



Shaken, our agency with branches in Milan and Siena, coordinates and develops all the activities involved in the promotion, customization and development of the communication materials: from packaging to photography, from the creation of product catalogues to digital advertising encompassing the activation and management of all social media channels. The Events division handles any activity that requires the use of facilities, licences, staff, music and entertainment.

shaken comunicazione

Official partner for the hub’s strategic communication activities.

The commercial strength of a product depends largely on the strength of the communications strategy behind it. Our company is able to offer this service thanks to our partnership with Shaken agency in Milan. 
Our consultants deal with all aspects of communication, from packaging to digital campaigns, from promotions to events, all the way through to a management consultancy service that employs a multidisciplinary team to provide support for start ups or vertical development projects.


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